Why is the church acting insensitive to problems of her members? Is it that we are visitors in Ghana and we can’t appreciate the hardship we are experiencing?
Has the church considered why people are not showing up and for that matter we are losing our members?
What is the duty of the church leaders? Is it that we elect leaders because we feel there is vacuum to be filled?
What is the duty of the Welfare committee in the church?
I hear there was a time in Rome where one Cardinal said ; “the church does not run on Hail Marys but it runs with money”. I must say this statement is ruining the church and has made the monecracy in the church widen.  Members can not see the dichotomy between the Catholic Church and the mushroom churches.
How many times have we asked for one if he or she does  not show up for church service? How many times has the church extended a helping hand to members who are school leavers and others who cannot even afford to pay their school fees? People are unable to put food on their tables hence the church which is suppose to be of help is rather taxing them high time.
What is the reason for two seperate mass thus 31st and 1st January  knowing perfectly that the economy is inimical to members and thus it won’t augur well for them. Why don’t we have the 1st January mass after 12 midnight to save church members the stress and money. Times are hard and the church should bare with us.
From where I sit I strongly believe if this attitude should persist and zoom into the sequence years, I am sorry the church will live on with only few members who are beneficiaries from the church.
I want to proffer here that zooming into 2019, we need a vigorous youth front who will always identify new members in church and make their presence acknowledged. A vibrant youth front which is ever ready to socialise immediately after church. A buoyant youth front that will seek to know the where about of her absent members. An audacious youth front that will seek to identify the problems of her members and albe of help.
This is the time to be United and forge ahead to achieve for ourselves the better future we seek for the church. It is never too late, let’s each one of us contribute his or quota and make the church greater and strong for that what we have been instructed to do. People have managed the church from time immemorial thus we can’t afford to loose sight of the church’s mission.
We all have a duty to perform to get our church back on track.
Thanks… Happy New Year in advance

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