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N/R: DVLA clamps down on unregistered vehicles

The Northern Region Branch of the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority (DVLA) has embarked on an exercise to clamp down on persons using unregistered vehicles and motorcycles as well as those without a valid driving licence and road worthy.

The exercise is aimed at ensuring all vehicles are registered to reduce the increasing crime rate in the region as well raise revenue for government.

The DVLA established in 1999 by an act of Parliament (Act 569) is a public sector organization under the Ministry of Transport.

It is mandated to provide a regulated framework for an enhanced and effective administration of drivers and vehicles and the use of road worthy vehicles.


The Northern Region branch of the Authority, over the years, has recorded very low numbers in terms of registration of vehicles and motorcycles, road worthy renewal, acquisition and renewal of driving licence.

It is at the back of this that the outfit undertook an exercise to educate and ensure compliance.

Hundreds of private and commercial vehicles and tricycles also known as Yellow Yellow were affected.

Some government vehicles were not left out.

An enraged Northern Region Manager of DVLA, Muntawakilu Abdulai, said the exercise will continue to ensure compliance.

He expressed anger over how some government vehicles and their drivers break the law on renewal of licence and road worthy.

“DVLA is not working in a vacuum, it is backed by law and all that we saying is that the LI 2180 regulation 9 has not mentioned GES and GHS so we are going to declare a war on them to ensure compliance.”

Mr. Muntawakilu said the right thing will be done to change the situation.

“How can you be driving a government vehicle without licence or with an expired road worthy? That is out of order!”

Motorists whose road worthy and licence had expired were made to do instant renewal.

Those with unregistered motorcycles and vehicles were advised to visit the DVLA office for registration.

Some confrontations ensued between motorist and the officials, nevertheless.


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