Nana Ama McBrown got angry, slapped me 6 times – Actor tells sad story in new video

0 has Sighted a video on of a popular actor Mohammed Kompani making an accusation against popular actress Nana Ama McBrown. According to the actor, he never expected the slap, therefore, he was taken aback and deeply hurt.

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Narrating what really happened in the Akan language, Kompani said he had been invited by one Atom, perhaps, another actor, for an outing. But he told Atom that McBrown had asked to see him (Kompani), and so he should take him there. Atom responded and said he should relax because they would surely go to Nana Ama, but for now he should dress up so they go to where they were going. Kompani narrated further that on their way going, they met McBrown who was shooting a scene, and so they stopped and parked the car so they could speak with the actress.

Just after they alighted from the car, McBrown, seemingly angry, approached him and gave him three strong slaps on both cheeks amounting to six, Kompani said. After the slap, he said McBrown explained to him that he was stubborn and had lost interest in working with him.

So he begged her asking her to be patient and that he was ready to make amends, however, a furious Nana Ama ignored him and went away.


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