National Cathedral Is For Our Own Good – Duncan Williams


Chairman of the fundraising committee for the National Cathedral, Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams has appealed to Ghanaians never to have any negative intentions’ with respect to the formation of the national cathedral or a difficult task to perform.

“…I don’t see it as something that is so difficult to do because we are flexible and believe in this country that we don’t embrace confusion but peace and we will do everything to bring the country together and not to have a country divided over a national cathedral”

He said the board of trustees for the project are working all their best out to address the challenges and false speculations facing it.

“As I have said  all the concerns have come to our attention and we are addressing them at the background and pretty soon our secretariat will be coming out with a media or a PR department to be addressing some of these issues, and we will all come on air at different times to engage the media and public when the need be.

We need to make a lot of sense out of the things that are going around especially on some of these speculations. All I think we can do is to bring clarity to a lot of the unanswered questions out there”.

Speaking on Citi fm’s news, the Founder of the Action Chapel International (ACI), admitted the fundraising dinner to be held this evening 28 December 2018, has so far sold thousand tickets and there are demands for more tickets therefore extra tickets were printed yesterday to satisfy the demand of donors, “but we are not printing anymore” he added.

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