As a true patriotic citizen of our land, a social activist and the President for Patriotic Front Movement of Ghana (PAFMOG), sincerely my heart breaks when I see numerous disputes across the country.

Lately, the rate at which conflicts are increasing in our country is becoming unbearable.

Conflict is a situation in which people, groups or individuals are involved in a serious disagreement or arguments which degenerates into violence. It can also be seen as the antagonism between individuals or groups in a society. In simple terms, Conflict is an open clash between two opposing groups or individuals.

In a layman’s perspective, one can conclude that most parts of our country are unsafe, and it is been surrounded by disputes.

Just to mention few, the ongoing GFA Normalization Special Competition has recorded a lot of unannounced incidents; particularly the match between Brekum Chelsea FC and Kumasi Asante Kotoko ended up bloody in the Sunyani Golden City Park and other unfortunate incidents in different venues.

The tensions between the leadership of New Patriotic Party (NPP) and National Democratic Congress (NDC) can never be ruled out in this press release, particularly, the case between the NDC national Chairman and the Ghana Police service concerning a leaked voice tape.

Not forgetting the continuous political vigilantism and other pending matters related to the Electoral Commission of Ghana (EC) which have become a pain in the neck.

Snags associated with tribalism and ethnicity are gradually escalating and distorting our country’s democracy; for instance, the conflict between the Konkombas and other ethnic groups such as the Dagombas, Nanumbas and Gonjas is nothing to write home about.

The smouldering feuds between artists in our Music industry is another menace to the peaceful development of our country.  The mayhem caused by the camps of Shatta Wale and Stonebwoy in the just ended 20th edition of the VGMAs is just a minuscule of the ticking timebomb in the industry.

Journalists and some top officials in our country are not exempted from the current coercion and security threats in our country.

The rate at which most parts of our country are directly or indirectly impacted by conflicts or disputes in one way or the other infers that our politicians especially NPP and NDC have totally failed us as a country.

On this note, I, Ebenezer Nyamekye a true patriotic citizen of Ghana, a social activist and the president for PAFMOG, humbly appeal through this press release to our National Peace Council to truly hold their ground to quell and tranquillize all forms of disputes in our country before they intensify.
I strongly believe they are the unsurpassed institution that can calm all nerves and counteract the conflicts in our dear country.

In conclusion, l wish to convey through this press release that we all should in our own small ways be ambassadors for the changes we want to see in our dear country, Ghana. Once I change and you also change, Ghana will automatically change.
There is no Ghana without ME and YOU.
We can achieve this by fully putting on the SPIRIT OF PATRIOTISM to serve our dear country Ghana.
Thank you all.

Long live the Media!
Long live Everyone!!
Long live Ghana!!

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