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Naval Officer Detained For Stabbing Airforce Officer Who Allegedly Slept With His Wife

The issue of extra-marital affair has become the major fears of some officers of the military forces. One Airforce Officer, Bernard Ababio was nearly butchered by Naval officer, Leading Seaman Umar Sahid Abubakar, for allegedly sleeping with the latter’s wife.

The wife who is accused of infidelity; Akosua Buabeng, according to husband, Abubakar, was caught making out with Mr. Ababio on their matrimonial bed over the weekend. An angered Abubakar without hesitation pounced on Mr. Ababio and inflicted knife wounds with military blade.


The face and lower back of Mr. Ababio was badly wounded in a fight that ensued in Abubakar’s bedroom at his residence in Ketan, a suburb of Essikado-Ketan Sub-metropolis, of the Western Region. Having realized the magnitude of the assault, Leading Seaman Umar Sahid Abubakar confiscated the clothing and other belongings of Mr. Ababio and reported the incident to the police.


At the Sekondi District Police Station, Abubakar reported that Mr. Ababio assaulted him and bit his finger when he confronted him over the alleged case of sleeping with the wife.

He tendered his evidence which included, pairs of jeans tousers, singlets and underwear, t-shirts, toothpaste and brush, and other items belonging to Mr. Ababio to prove the rival had been there for long enjoying the wife.


Just as he was concluding on his statement, the victim, Mr. Bernard Ababio rushed into the police station with a complaint of being wounded by Abubakar. With blooding oozing from his face, the police without hesitation detained Abubakar and offered Ababio a police medical form to seek treatment and report later.


The ‘infidel’ wife is yet to be contacted to confirm allegations.

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