NCCE Engages NASEC Students On Anti-Corruption, Rule of Law and Accountability



The Ga South Office of the NCCE led by the Officer In Charge, Mr. George Obeng Osei have engaged the students of Ngleshie Amanfrom Senior High School (NASEC) on the need to stamp out corruption in any form from the society.

Addressing the gathering, Mr. George Obeng Osei tasked the students to take a strong stance against corruption, a canker that has bedeviled the country and erupted the fortunes of the country for decades.

“The future of Ghana is blur if conscious efforts are not made to instill into the youth the values and principles that abhor corruption,” he said.

According to him endemic corruption has contributed to the poor schools, poor hospitals, poor roads, poor public services, a high cost of living, high unemployment rate, not to mention the lives that are lost needlessly through acts of corruption, therefore, it is imperative for the students to wage a war against it.

“You all need to contribute your quota to the socio-economic development of this country and this socioeconomic development could be achieved if we eschew corrupt practices”, he expressed.

He believes that the adage ‘Prevention is better than cure’ is appropriate in the fight against corruption hence the move by NCCE to sensitize children especially those in school to do away with corruption and its related activities, adding, although investigation and prosecution are great, it is only an aspect of the solution.

Mr. Obeng Osei was of the view that corruption in Ghana permeates almost every aspect of the Ghanaian society and all spheres of life, as a result, it will only take bold citizens to fight it.

The Ga South Office of the NCCE led by the Officer In Charge, Mr. George Obeng Osei further led the students through the whistleblower act (Act 720, 2006), the mandate of Commission for Human Rights and Administrative Justice (CHRAJ), functions of Legal Aid, EOCO, Special Prosecutors Office, Ghana Police, Judiciary and the Public Relations & Complaints Units of the MMDAs as well as other statutory bodies.

Commenting on the Anti-Corruption, Rule of Law and Accountability Program (ARAP), he said the objective of ARAP is to promote good governance in Ghana by reducing corruption and improving accountability and compliance through the rule of law.

He reminded them that the Whistleblower Act is an important anti-corruption tool that is to improve the nation’s ability to fight corruption and other forms of unlawful conducts that negatively affects our development.


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