The NCCE Has Lost It’s Significance – David Antwi Boasiako


    The National Commission for Civic Education is a government agency in Ghana. It is the commission responsible for educating Ghanaians on civic matters. The commission was established by the Act 452 of the Parliament of Ghana in 1993.

    There has been a lot of concerns raised by Ghanaians over the registration of TIN Numbers over the months.

    Ghanaians being required to have a TIN should not be something difficult to do because this isn’t a new thing.

    Every Ghanaian pays tax be it directly or indirectly.

    How then does one intend to see development in our localities without paying tax?

    After the minister of education met with the Press, there was news circulating on social media reading “NO TIN NO FREE SHS”. I would like to make it clear to Ghanaians that it is false. Any student who qualified for Free SHS will never be denied access to school but parents will be assisted to register.

    Free SHS is the single largest social intervention policy covering all citizens, irrespective of your background. This means it offers the widest opportunity to get more people to sign up for TIN at the point of benefit.

    TIN number is not something to play with because without TIN number you cannot do a lot of things in the country ie; obtaining a passport, filing a case at a court, conducting business with government agencies, clearing goods from port, opening bank accounts among others.

    This would not have been a problem if there had been proper training on the need of paying tax as well as the acquisition of TIN numbers by the NCCE.

    The Nana Addo-led administration has introduced a lot of means in collecting revenue, for example, the introduction of Tax Stamp but the education on it is very poor.

    When was the last time NCCE held a forum on educating Ghanaians about the necessity of tax paying and the necessity of getting a TIN number ?

    NCCE must educate Ghanaians on key social policies.

    Your existence in office is not because the government wants to reduce unemployment but rather help the government performing their duties. We demand value for money not money for nothing.


    Thank you.

    David Antwi Boasiako

    Arise Ghana youth for your country the nation demands your devotion,let us all unite to uphold her,and make her great and strong,
    We are all involved in building our motherland.

    Service to God and Nation

    God bless our homeland Ghana.

    Long live Ghana

    Long live NCCE

    Long live Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo Addo

    ( Member, Critical Thinkers Int(CTI) – Middle belt./NPP Communicator/Youth Activist/Secretary Tescon – Gcuc/Executive Member Youth For Accountable Governance(YOFAG)  )

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