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NDC Aspirant Donates GH₵ 23,000 to NDC Wards In Cape Coast

Mr. Henry Osei a.k.a “SHOE”, an Aspiring Parliamentary Candidate for NDC in Cape Coast South Constituency, just as he promised the various NDC  branches and wards in the constituency, has fulfilled it.
He promised to give all the NDC 23 wards in the constituency, a seed money of One Thousand Ghana Cedis (Gh¢ 1,000), to open a Welfare Account, to manage the affairs and activities of their branches, and he has successfully completed with all the wards on the 5th of August 2019.
He also promised to distribute “Pragia” tricycles to the 23 wards, as means of getting more funds, that will be deposited into the “Pragia Income Fund”, that will also be used to manage the affairs of the wards, and as it stands now, five (5) Pragias, each for award are already in action. And he promises to get the remaining wards, their “Pragias”, by the year 2020. The  Pragia Service is part of Shoe’s Project of creating an income generated activities for the wards. It will create employment for the branch members who wish to drive.
Mr. Osei promised the people of Cape Coast South that, he will lobby with stakeholders in education sector to bring back the 30% quota in S.H.S placement selection, bring on board, an E- library App  that the students will download on their phones to enable them read wide at their comfort zones and prevent them walking about doing nothing. And he has also promised to  award scholarships to the brilliant but needy students in all cycles of education who are in the constituency in order to also achieve their goals in life, to support themselves and their families as well.
He has assured to help set up minor businesses, trade/artisan learning and entrepreneurial seminars for the youth, who wish to learn trade, to start something for themselves, and also seek employment for the graduate but unemployed, even if it is a member from each of the 23 wards. Just as he said, he has started already with some of the branch executives, getting them into minor businesses.
Mr. Henry Osei promised that, for those who have started or set up minor businesses for themselves, and the market women who need financial assistance in their businesses, he will grant them loans that they will inject in their trade to boost it and also, they can all benefit from it.
Mr. Osei concluded that for his visions to come alive and his good works to be enjoyed by all, he needs the support, prayers and votes of all the delegates, as he can not do all alone but with their help. So, he urges them all to vote for him, come August 24th, 2019, as he is candidate NO 1 on the ballot sheet.
             Godfred Patrick Mensah
 (Branch Chairman – Apostolic Church)
     (Cape Coast South Constituency)

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