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NDC Will Organize 2024 Election And Declare Ourselves Winners If Jean Mensah Dare Misbehave Again

Jean Mensa is battling with competence and integrity crisis which  is already known to the world, and therefore lacks the locus standi to organize a free, fair and transparent election for leaders to emerge on mertit, we in the NDC will not seat aloof for her to plan and conspire with the Npp to steal us again, she should forget it, we shall organize the 2024 election and declare ourselves winners and takeover this country peacefully and fix it and nothing will stop us.

The electoral commission’s first conspiracy with the Npp worked for them and that is enough, we shall not allow or tolerate such national crisis to occur in this country again, Jean Mensa can decide to close polls at 10am we shall still take over this country legitimately to form the next government and rescue the Ghanaian people from the current quagmire in this broke system.

If Jean Mensa is a woman of integrity and principles, she should have resigned from the position of an electoral commissioner after her wanton display of incompetence and lack of professionalism during the 2020 general election, but as if that is not enough for her, she is still ready to do her paymasters bid for the second time.

I want to also sound this warning to the NDC leadership, if they are not ready for power and therefore hold Jean Mensa to behave well, and also if they want to love peace more than God, we the youth of NDC can no longer obey such peace talks and way of doing things, we shall one day wake up to tell the world we are youths born out of revolution and therefore can not be timid to always be oppressed, if things continues the previous way.

*The youths and grassroots is hungry and angry for power, yes we are hungry and angry for power*

*Odeneho Kwame*




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