NDC’s Decision In Withdrawing From The Ayawaso West Wuogon Bye-Election As A Wrong Move – The Crusaders


    Greetings From the Crusaders…..

    We heard news of the NDC party leadership decision of withdrawing from the Ayawaso west wuogon constituency bye-election with much disappointment.

    We as crusaders,  do not support the withdrawal of the party because we see this election as a rehearsal to which NDC needed to participate in order to know the stance of the party going forward into 2020 elections but the decision of the party to withdraw from the bye-election has defeated that very and all-important purpose.

    Our question is, will the party equally boycott the 2020 elections amidst this same challenges should it be repeated?

    We entreat all NDC die-hard members to come out and fight for their rights and stop using boycotting as a panacea because it is boldly written in our constitution that, One can defend himself when you are being attacked.

    The NPP will be glad if you continue boycotting elections including general elections. Why will a party like NDC be cowed to withdrawal because of just a little intimidation?

    Our question to the leaders is, where are their men that you have always sung about? Why are you sleeping to allow people to frustrate you in your own land?

    Come see the display of power in Ayawaso.  NDC MPs beaten like small children and no one could say fi.

    We hope the leadership of the party has seen how power is being displayed.

    NDC as a party should learn how to display power when they bounce back, but is either you fight them back or forget 2020!

    We are highly disappointed in the National Leadership decision of withdrawing because it has no gain but rather loses.

    We were in this country when NDC was in government. We saw similar incidences that happened even though it was minor yet the NPP then in opposition went through the Elections so why couldn’t the NDC as a party face them boot to boot and were rather staying aloof to wait for 2020.

    Are they waiting for all their people to be killed?
    The NPP’s endorsement of unguided political vigilantism is sure glaring now.


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