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NDC’s Victory 2024: MPs and the youth are prepared for do-or-die -Youth Activist

A youth activist of the National Democratic Congress in the Central Region, Mr. Godfred Onso-Nyameyeh has charged the Branch Youth Organisers of the party in the Cape Coast North Constituency to be fully prepared for Do or Die in 2024 general elections.

He pleaded with party youth in the constituency to work hard to ensure victory comes to the NDC in the 2024 elections.

He asked the youth to take a clue from how the NDC members of Parliament are preventing the insensitive government from passing the draconian E-Levy law.

He also said the current government has failed to tackle corruption. But Akufo Addo/ Bawumia government has institutionalized corruption which is now attractive to every NPP politician.

He added that well-designed policies would be developed by the NDC to protect the country’s purse when they assume power in January 2025.

“The NDC is formidable and poised for victory in the 2024 general elections. We will leave no stone unturned as the Do-or-Die will guide us to vehemently fight against any obstacle that would come across our path for victory. Ghanaians will never forgive the NDC if we fail to rescue this nation from the insensitive NPP government,” he reiterated.

He made these statements during a breakfast meeting he organised for the Branch Youth Organisers of the NDC in the Cape Coast North Constituency on Saturday, 25th December 2021 at Cape Coast-based Samrit Hotel.

Mr. Godfred Onso-Nyameyeh who is a Pharmacist by profession, a Manager of Cape Coast-based Samrit Hotel and a Constituency Youth Organiser Hopeful extended his benevolent hands to invite hardworking NDC Branch Youth Organisers in Cape Coast North Constituency whom he worked with to rescue and wrestle the Cape Coast North Parliamentary seat from Hon. Barbara Asher Ayisi, then sitting MP and a Deputy Minister of Works and Housing during the 2020 elections.

He has recently been branded as the “Young Mosquito”, flying around to donate and assist party supporters across the constituency.

He presented bags of rice, cooking oil, other food items to all the 88 Branch Youth Organisers who were present during the breakfast meeting and encounter on Saturday, 25th December 2021.

The NDC Youth Wing in the Cape Coast North Constituency expressed their profound gratitude to the Young Mosquito for his kindness and commitment to the National Democratic Congress (NDC) as he was one of the key contributors to the 2020 campaign.

They asked for blessings from God to the young man for the wonderful and selfless work done so far for the Constituency. They are committed to continuing to pray for the Almighty to bestow unto him divine wisdom and knowledge.


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