NGO Educates Students on sexual and Reproductive Health rights and donates sanitary to them



With rampant rate of teenage pregnancy and poor menstrual practices in rural communities, Primad Organisation (NGO) has embarked on rural sexual health education outreaches to educate teens on the need to abstain from pre-marital sex, providing in depth knowledge on proper hygienic measures during menstruation and also distributing free menstrual pads to students to solve poverty menstruation.

Early hours in the morning today, 16th of November, 2018, the Organisation paid courtesy visit to students of Bonkorkor in the Bosomtwe district in Ashanti region of Ghana to embark on this exercise. The students were taught to focus on their studies and become prominent leaders in the country than wasting their lives on unnecessary relationships and abstain from sex. Moreover, the young girls were educated on proper hygienic measures during menstruation in ensuring healthy menstruation, healthy life.

The students were enlightened, motivated and inspired to desist from bad behaviors and promised to study hard to achieve their goals and aspirations in life! After the exercise, Primad Organisation distributed free sanitary pads to the students !

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