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Nigel Gaisie Is Sleeping with Tracey Boakye – Mzbel Alleges, Drops Deadly Secrets About the Man of God

Mzbel is far from done with Tracey Boakye, dropping a bombshell allegation that she’s sleeping with the man of God Nigel Gaisie.

Mzbel appeared on Onua Fm this afternoon to react to the entire brouhaha surrounding her and Tracey and the girl was far from done.

One of the things angering Mzbel the most at the moment is that Tracey Boakye revealed some secrets about her dealings with Nigel Gaisie during their beef.

Boakye said in one of her 1,000 recorded videos on this beef that Mzbel went to Nigel Gaisie’s office in a nightie and blackmailed him to pay her Ghc 50,000 or she would tell everyone he raped her.

That has pissed off Mzbel who said on Onua Fm that Nigel should stop lying to Tracey Boakye by feeding her false info.

Mzbel alleged that Tracey is sleeping with Nigel and because they’re having a little beef he’s trying to use Tracey to exonerate himself.

Remember, Mzbel has alleged for sometime now that Nigel did something terrible to her. She said the issue is being handled behind closed doors but she’s willing to make it public again if Nigel doesn’t stop lying about her to his ‘girlfriend’ Tracey.

Mzbel added that what Nigel told Tracey about her coming to his office in the nightie is not the full story and that she will drop that story if Nigel doesn’t stop gossiping to Tracey.

She added that Nigel is a gossip with a big mouth always revealing issues he should not. She said Christians should find better pastors because their current ones are fools.


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