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Nigel Gaisie’s plot to dupe John Mahama exposed

Leader and founder of Cosmos Walker Affran Ministries, His Grace Cosmos Walker Affran, has come out to say that Prophet Nigel Gaisie asked him to join forces in order to dupe former President John Dramani Mahama.

In a Facebook post sighted by, Cosmos Walker Affran said that the founder of Prophetic Hill Chapel, Prophet Nigel Gaisie called him on phone and asked for his help to dupe the former president.

He added that Prophet Nigel Gaisie doe not care if NDC won or lost, all he is interested in the money.

Cosmos Walker Affran went ahead to declare his natural love for the ex-president and said there is nothing that is going to make him do anything to hurt the ex-president.

Read the post below:

The truth expose
Mr John Dramani Mahama usually says , the day of accountability. I love Mr John Mahama by nature and nothing will make me do evil against him.
Prophet Nigel Gaisie let this word sound right in your ears.
God said I should tell you go to JM and confess and ask for his forgiveness or evil is going to fall on you. Your day of accountability is near.
Do you know why I distance myself from you.
When you phone me and told me that we should dupe Mr John Mahama. And not think about how JM and NDC will win the election but instead we should make money from NDC and JM in this election. And weather they will win or lose is not our work.
I think you don’t know me well, I am a man who doesn’t play with his integrity and who doesn’t compromised to evil agenda.
To be continued…………..



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