Nkwanta South: Fulani Herdsmen Given One Month Ultimatum to Vacate Tutukpene

the Nkwanta South Municipal security Committee met and the committee had resolved that the Fulani’s and their Herdsmen are to relocate from the Tutukpene west electoral area and its environs with immediate effects.
As the Assembly Member, for Tutukpene west Electoral area I petitioned the then District Security Committee on 22/12/2015 then, the committee was convened on 18/01/2016 then the Paramount chief asked for the issue to be resolved and relocated the Fulani’s and their Herdmen to a different area at his Palace on 06/02/2016.
The agreement was that the chief nominated a team as well as the Opinion Leaders, chiefs and  Assembly Member also got their team but no result yet.
Today the arbitration went straight in favor of the over 7,000 people of the electoral area as their representative am happy and also commend Mr. Nkifriko and the family for supporting the electoral area on their recent petition on 20/08/2018 that has really brought this gangatua result today.
My Chiefs, elders, youths and all the people are really happy and with all parties who represented their parties.
This I want to say I represent my people’s interest 24/7.
May God bless you all for reading my script.
Best regards.
Hon.David Naboare
Assembly Member
Tutukpene west Electoral Area.
Nkwanta South Municipal Assembly.

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