No Contribution! No Chop! For 2020 Under NDC

The National Democratic Congress and it’s flagbearer, John Dramani Mahama is the obvious choice for Ghanaians to restore hope, good governance and redeem the good people of Ghana from the current economic hardships under the NPP government.
The question then arises, as to how prepared the leading opposition party is for power.
Mugabe Masse of Power Radio 97.9 FM, recently hit on some leaders of the NDC party, on their uninvolvement in doing their duties to making sure the party comes back to power.
Concern branch communication officer, name withheld, which to talk about the internal grieving of the grassroots, the neglects of party structures, selfless leadership, and some key points which must be carefully looked at: if really the party is ready for power come 2020.
1. Some Members of parliament, do not regard a section of their constituency executives, thus being selective with those who they feel will dance to the selfish ambitious tunes.
2. These very MPs, do what only interest them and not the party, leaving opinion leaders also out of the affairs of the constituency.
3. Since the reorganisation of branches, the MPs do not visit them, neither have they gone to the grounds to making sure if they are really meeting.
4. These leaders disrespect their fellow branch executives, not involving the party stakeholders in the decision making of the constituency.
The only take interest when the flagbearer is coming to their constituency.
5. There are regional executives who also have made up their minds to use their positions for their selfish interest.
They are not ready to support the party in any way, but are ready to buy one or two people to project them on platforms and social media, for the flagbearer to think their are working.
6. There are Branch executives, Grassroots of the NDC, who are very good in social media interactions but due to luck of their involvement, our opponents have taken control of various platforms and door to door campaign. This is hurting the party!
7. The habit of one man show of our leaders must STOP: paying your way through leadership doesn’t mean they have bought everyone.
8. Seriously, there are some leaders, who were Government Appointees, Diplomats, Ministers, etc, under former president H. E. John Dramani Mahama, who are really helping, doing a good job on the ground. But those leaders do not want their names to be mentioned, but very soon, their names will have to start coming out, against their wish, for the sake of the selfish ones.
9. The task ahead for victory 2020 is the responsibility of all and sundry in the  NDC.
10. Some constituency executives are really helping out but they cannot do it all by themselves.
11. Those MPs who, [think/feel] they know it all, are just novice: having abandoned branches, hoping to come back to them after they have crashed out on their selfish ambitions, to the rejected souls,  hoping to BUY their ways out, must really come prepared: some souls cannot be bought.
12. To the national/regional executives, it’s about time they come down to the constituencies, involving the MPs and the constituency executives, to be told the happings on the grounds.
13. Those parliamentarians who also think they will involve themselves in other constituency matter should advise themselves.
14. Branches must be allowed to choose their preferred leaders for the constituency, and not to be imposed by party executives, if really the party needs peace.
15. The second coming of H. E. John Dramani Mahama, appointment must really go to leaders who are helping and are selflessness.
16. Finally, I wish to congratulate the helping ones: regional executives, National executives, and Parliamentarians for their good works.
Story by: Nana Kwame Darkwa

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