No Occult: Kennedy Agyapong tells Finally Tells Why He Does Not Go To Church

Kennedy Agyapon
Kennedy Agyapon

I’ll never go to church because Ghanaian pastors are fake and deceitful – Ken Agyapong

MP for Assin Central, Kennedy Agyapong, said he would never attend church, he does not trust Ghanaian pastors who live lavish lifestyles while their members were poor – Agyapong also said he doesn’t believe in prophecies because they are all lies The NPP MP for Assin Central, Kennedy Agyapong, has revealed that he does not go to church because he has no trust for Ghanaian pastors. According to Agyapong, he took the decision following the fake and deceitful nature of some self-made pastors. These pastors, he explained, had made it very difficult for one to distinguish between genuine and fake men of God, therefore, to avoid them altogether, he decided to say goodbye to the church.

This is contained in a report sighted by on Agyapong believes that pastors have used the bible to deceive gullible Ghanaians and have also succeeded in duping many. “You are bereaved and go to contract a loan and give to a pastor…this is why I don’t believe in Ghanaian pastors and I have consistently repeated I will not go to Church. There are so many of them which makes it impossible to see the genuine ones “, he reportedly said.

The MP also condemned pastors who have taken over the airwaves and giving out lotto numbers in the name of enriching members saying that was never part of the work of God. “Yesterday when I was coming and listening to Oman FM, there was this pastor who was there giving out lotto numbers claiming God has various spiritual gifts for pastors but his was lotto numbers”, he complained. Meanwhile, Ken has said he never believes in prophecy because the pastors who make them are liars and the prophecies are fake. “When you talk about it, they say you are blaspheming but it is the truth. When you see the lifestyle of most men of God, their lifestyles; lavish lifestyles, and you see how their followers are deprived.. I just do not believe in prophecies”, he stressed.



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