No Space For Poor Men in my Pants – Moesha


Controversial Ghanaian actress, Moesha Bodoung has stated that there is no space for poor men in her panties.

According Moesha, she can be friends with poor men but cannot give them the chance to enter into her panties.

Moesha said, her “kind of man, at least should be someone who can take me here and take me there.”

Moesha Budong is noted for her controversial lifestyle and statements.

In April this year, social media was set ablaze following the actress’ comments in a CNN interview.

Moesha told CNN that her motivation, just like other women in Ghana, for dating married men, is because of the economy, a statement which didn’t go well with a lot of Ghanaians.

Moesha later apologized to Ghanaians saying  it was not her intention to offend anyone with her generalisation of Ghanaian women in her interview.

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