We’re not lazy – Assin youths Hit Back At Kennedy Agyapong

    A pressure group called Network for Assin Development has thrown a challenge to their traditional leaders in the area to put in place a mechanism to grab government’s One District-One Factory (1D1F) initiative to help propel development…
    According to the Network, some chiefs in other areas embraced the  initiative right from the onset, and had since  been working eagerly to use it to promote development in their localities, for it is said; “opportunity comes but once”
    If we fail as a people to harness the opportunities this initiative brings, posterity will judge us someday to come, because we have no reason to hold this generation and unborn to ransom. It was happily received when the government launched the Initiative to bring development, especially to create job opportunities for the teeming unemployed people across the country.
    Shocking, in the case of Assin,  only a few of our chiefs are seen proactive while the rest seems to be unconcerned. We want to inform them that development cannot take place without tireless and relentless effort. A great chief is the one, who’s effort comes about positive change. As a network, we are much concern about development and we deserve it.
    We the youth of the Network for Assin Development are calling on all of our chiefs, political leaders, great men and women, and business entities to team up and bring desirable development to Assin.
    We’re also calling on the Members of Parliament (MPs) in Assin and, District and Municipal Chief Ex (MMCEs) to champion development in the area. Most of our roads have never tasted construction since independence, meanwhile, it’s one of the cocoa-producing areas of the country. No government, so far, have ever tried to bring desirable change to improve our road network.
    We’re calling on all the people of Assin not to tolerate any unachievable promise from our politicians since elections are just around the corner and the youth must unite and fight for a common goal of development because we belong to future.
    We vehemently reject the assertion that we are lazy as our Member of Parliament, Hon Kennedy Agyapong is portraying us to the world. It is, therefore, our collective right as a youth to build a strong front to fight for what is genuinely ours.
    We want to tell the two strong political parties – New Patriotic Party (NPP) and National Democratic Congress (NDC)- that we are ever ready to meet them ‘boot for boot’ at election time with their lies.
    Long live Ghana, long live Assin!
    Call Convener Mr Samuel Adobah  0546990659

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