NPP Chairman Reaffirms Government’s Commitment to Agric Sector


The Eastern Regional First Vice Chairman of the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP,) Alhaji Umar Bodinga has reaffirmed the government’s commitment to the development of the Agricultural Sector.
Alhaji Bodinga’s assertions arise out of his government’s belief in the age old cliché that ‘Agriculture Is the Backbone of the Economy.’ This he indicated informed his government’s collaboration with other donors who are investing massively in the sector, in order to raise it to the highest level.
Speaking in an interview with host of Rite FM’s Morning Show, Captain Adabuga, Alhaji Bodinga said ensuring this agenda largely depends on putting in place certain mechanisms and policies to ensure its success.
He maintains that the introduction of the ‘planting of food and jobs’ programme and also the ‘one district one factory’ policy by the ruling government is ample evidence of government’s absolute commitment to the Agricultural sector.
Post harvest losses
The NPP member also expressed worry in the troubling issue of post-harvest losses which continues to confront farmers. He nevertheless expressed confidence that his government is adopting the right approach in tackling the problem, suggesting that the setting up of buffer stocks by the government is a sure approach to addressing the problem.
“To curtail the problem of post-harvest losses, government is building buffer stocks in all the districts in the country for farmers to store their produce during bumper harvests,” the NPP First Vice Chairman emphasized.
He similarly underscored the commitment of the government towards job provision in the agric sector. He pointed out that the introduction of the planting for food and jobs policy has enabled the employment of two-thousand (2000) extension officers in addition to those already engaged to assist farmers by educating them on best farming practices.
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