How NPP fed Mahama's polling agents with food and money at 2016 elections


– It has emerged that the leaked Kwesi Botchwey report allegedly detailed how the NPP fed polling agents of the NDC during the 2016 elections
– The leaked report has been described by government as a fabrication
– Latest revelations on the leaked Kwesi Botchwey report claim that National Democratic Congress (NDC) failed to pay polling agents during the 2016 general elections. Kwesi Botchwey is one of the leading architects of the yet to be read KB report which has been publishing the revelations, claimed that the polling agents stationed across all polling stations in the country had to rely on the New Patriotic Party (NPP) for their breakfast and lunch.
The Accra-based radio station said excerpts from the KB report detailed how NDC polling agents left their stations to scramble for food and money from their main political contender, the NPP. has reported on the various secrets this leaked Kwesi Botchwey contained, even as the NDC continues to dispute the credibility of the said leaked document.
Also, party executives of the NDC continue to argue that the Kwesi Botchwey report is not for public consumption. The leaked 455-page document also claims that funds meant for the campaign of the NDC during the 2016 elections were embezzled by party executives at the national, regional and constituency level.
“What seemed to be clear was that a large part of the campaign financing was done through channels other than the party’s regional or constituency treasurer,” the report claimed. The report has also revealed that various party executives did not receive funds to conduct an effective campaign, despite the alleged menace of embezzlement.

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