Obinim still in police grips after failing to meet bail conditions


Kennedy Agyapong, through his Net2 TV and Oman FM platforms, has featured in shows dedicated to ‘exposing’ criminal activities including fraud Obinim is allegedly involved in.

In one of such shows, Kennedy Agyapong played voice recordings reportedly of Mr. Obinim threatening to produce a fake “wanted” notice and attribute it to the police in a bid to frustrate one of his former proteges.

Mr. Agyapong showed the said fake “wanted” notice and vowed to ensure that Obinim is arrested and prosecuted for that and other crimes including money laundering and fraud which he leveled against Obinim.

‘Obinim ill’

Rumors were rife over the weekend that police stormed Obinim’s church to arrest him but he feigned sickness and was rushed to a hospital.

While it was true that Obinim had reported sick and hospitalized at a facility in Accra, the police had not attempted to arrest him, rather, the police had at that time only secured an arrest warrant for him.

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