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Obuasi New Nsuta JHS Pupils Demonstrate Over Poor School Buildings

Earlier this year, Soireenews reported that a young pupil of the school was badly injured after part of the school building collapsed on him which nearly took his life. The leadership of the Obuasi Municipal Assembly promised them that the school building as well as others in bad shape will be worked on as soon as possible, unfortunately, nothing of that sort has happened after 5 months.

To make matters worse, the pupils have had to endure living with cows and coping with their dungs as it has become a normal sight in the school. Having had enough of this, the pupils decided to vent their spleen on the authorities.

The demonstrations were however peaceful.

In an interview with the senior girl’s prefect of the school, Emmanuella Kwanin, she disclosed that they have been promised that the problems in their school will be fixed by June 17 and if nothing is done about it, they will seek for police permit and mount a gargantuan demonstration that will beat the imaginations of all.

Mr. Dwira Darko, who’s the Coordinating Director of the Obuasi Municipal Assembly who received the petition and addressed the pupils on the assembly’s behalf told Soireenews’ Kofi Wusu Brempong that the Assembly is working assiduously to fix all bad school buildings in the municipality. He further said expectations will have to be lowered as there is no money in the system not just in Obuasi but the country as a whole. He compared that even in the United States of America, there are poor people how much more Ghana.

He however debunked that the pupils were promised a finished work on June 17, but said, that date is the day they’ll call for contractors to bid for the project.

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