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Offinso North: Youth Threatens Boycott Of Elections If Grievances Not Addressed

Some youth of Mankramso, a village near Afrancho in the Offinso North district of Ashanti region have expressed displeasure at authorities for unfavourable treatment meted out to them in the village. The youth appeared very disgusted after inviting media to see things for themselves.


Their anger was directed at the Chief of Afrancho and MP hon. Collins Ntim for dishonesty and cheating with regards to adressing some needs in the village. Speaking to Cruz news, chairman for the group Mr. Baba Kanbu explained that Hon. A C Ntim promised during the 2016 electioneering to help provide some dire needs of the people if they vote to elect him and president Nana Addo into power which they did but are yet to see any of the said projects being accomplished as at now. Although some projects such as electricity have been given to contractor and in progress, the chief of Afrancho Nana Badu Finam II have deeply involved them in the process from clairing about 7 to 8 kilometer stretch from Afrancho to the village, digging and erection of poles all in the name of communal labour every Tuesday.


According to them, they are made to continue with wiring adding Friday to the already Tuesday communal labour day they comply which is the point of their agitation . The electricity connection still remain unfinished alongside abandoned public toilet lack of potable water and worst of it all, deplorable and bumpy roadnetwork which is about 10 kilometers away from capital Akumadan and links Afrancho and Chiraa in the Bono region.


As a result of the muddy and slippery nature of the road during raining season, people are dieing with many being injured and deformed in countless motor and vehicular accidents. The townfolks currently rely on the river water from the Mankram for household chores. Both males and females share toilet together in an outskirt pit dugged by the community as a result of lack of proper toilet facility.


It is for these reasons and many others including “unrecognized fines by their chief to pay GHC 100.00 each for refusing to take part in laying high tention electrical cables as a communal labour on a “strange day Friday”, that they are threathning boycott of election this year if Hon. Collins Ntim does not intervene and make the promise fulfilled.



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