Ohemaa Woyeje finally reveals why she left Multimedia; tells next move


Former Adom FM presenter, Ohemaa Woyeje, has revealed that she was having a hard time choosing from many options to consider her next move after leaving Multimedia.

According to her, many media houses have contacted her with juicy offers, but she was taking her time to choose. As reported earlier by YEN.com.gh, Ohemaa resigned from Multimedia on January 31, 2019

Ohemaa Woyeje finally reveals why she left Multimedia; tells next moveOhemaa also disclosed that one of the offers was very “urgent” requiring her to sign as soon as possible, but she first wants to take a break for now. “I have a lot of offers I am considering right now. One of them is quite urgent and it is possible I might sign their contract, but for now I am taking a break,” she hinted.

She was reportedly speaking in an interview with Graphic Showbiz as gathered by YEN.com.gh. Ohemaa revealed further that she had received many calls from her fans all over the world, including some pastors in Ghana on why she was no longer heard on radio. She thus assured her fans and all concerned that she would be back on air before the end of 2019.

Speaking on why she resigned from Multimedia, the multilingual Ohemaa indicated that she no longer felt comfortable there and so had to quit.

She also accused her former bosses of treating her unfairly, and also taking ‘big’ decisions about her without prior notice or communication. She revealed that in one of the instances, her boss communicated with her using a Whatsapp message asking her to hand over her on-air duties to another person when she was preparing to go live on air. A development she said, was very unfortunate for her, and also a breach of contract.

In narrating what really happened, Ohemaa said: “I took my vacation and returned in October. I resumed work and about an hour before I went on air, my boss sent me a Whatsapp message asking me to hand over the show to someone else, without any explanation.” “My contract of employment at Multimedia is as a presenter and per my job description, I’m to host, entertain and engage listeners with music and delivery but they breached the contract by assigning me new roles that have nothing to do with presenting such as field jobs and production work.” “My bosses took this decision alone, there was no prior notification or communication. I was not ready for these new roles so I have quit.”

Ohemma said her bosses later gave her some explanations for their actions, but since she was not convinced by those reasons, she decided to quit. She was quick to add, however, that she had not regretted her time at Multimedia. “It has been a great experience; the awards, revenue and opportunities I have had have been amazing. I have learnt a lot at Multimedia and I don’t have regrets about my time there at all,” she disclosed. Apart from her job as a presenter, Ohemaa is reported to own a number of businesses in Accra including a pub and eatery called Ice Bar.

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