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Old Photo of Akrobeto with an Afro and a Smaller Nose Causes Traffic on Internet-[POTOS]

Interestingly, the trending photo online now is one of the popular Kumawood actors’ known as Akwasi Boadi but popularly referred to as Akrobeto.

He has been featured in over 100 Kumawood movies and got recognized widely his nose size.

Akrobeto is very proud of his big nose no matter the trolls. He has captivated on it to glow with the slogan ‘Who knows tomorrow’. Akwasi Boadi Akrobeto is one of the pioneers in the Kumawood industry, started acting above 40-years Old as he is now 57-years old but still consistent in his comedy career.

After the Kumawood industry fell back due to some misfortunes, Akrobeto has been even popular than when he used to feature in movie roles. He joined the Despite Media group to become an adapted TV presenter on the United Television and so far so good, he has been very much like a professional TV presenter but adds some funny sauce to it.

Our portal stumbled on an old Photo of Akwasi Boadi in his young ages thus, in his 20s and the Photo was very rare as compared to his current look.

Akrobeto’s transformation of his nose reportedly was due to surgery but this has been a blessing in disguise for him.

Check out some Photos of Akrobeto below when he was in his 20s with an Afro;

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