Opinion: Amoako Atta’s Hunger For Presidency Influencing Him To Steal The Nation Dry

Clearly, this NPP government led by President Nana Addo Danquah Akuffo can never lead the country to “MECCA” because everyone from the highest of the appointees to the least of them only thinks of their huge future political ambition at the neglect of what can actually get the nation out of the dungeon it has created since it assumed authority as the nation’s manager.
With the largest ministerial and government appointees size ever, it would have been proper and wise if the appointees under this great government would have done all to safeguard the nation’s purse, but that has not been the case, all they have cared about since the blown of the whistle for the start of their governance has been competing among themselves as to who can steal most.
Because Ghana is a developing country, and the sectors of concentration for all such countries for their quick development are transportation networks and industrialization, a large amount of the nation’s budget mostly fly around these sectors making it a recipe for amassing wealth if appointees placed at such sectors are greedy, corrupt and highly heartless of the plights of the citizens and nation.
Of all the appointees of this government, one of the greediest is Mr. Amoako Atta, who is the current Minister of Roads and Highways. Ministry of Roads and Highway is the Government of Ghana ministry responsible for road construction and road maintenance in Ghana, and because of its huge importance in the quest for the quick development of the nation, a priority is given such a ministry in terms of finance and other resources, but the nation has not been lucky because it has gotten headed by a perceived corrupt glutton which has currently gotten out of measure because of his current presidential ambition. Because of his desperate thirst to be president, it is alleged, Mr Amoako Attah, the man in charge of the ministry is grabbing wealth with all hands and legs at a very greedy uncontrollably quick pace. It is presumed that one of the many strategies he uses to steal from nation aside from the constant dip of his hands in the “susubox” of the money collected through the road toll levy, is his employ of five contractors that he deals with personally for the execution of some of his nation purse milking agenda. He uses these contractors as a stealing weapon through pushing contracts through sole sourcing to these contractors of which he gets between 15-25% commission from them. The sad part is he pays them at his house after extracting his percentage of the deal. It is also said that he does same with all contractors the government of Ghana has been owing since 2015 under the rule of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), and any of such contractors whom government owes who decides not to go with his greedy corrupt deal ends up with the payment of his money delayed unduly. These heartless activities of his are found more lucrative to him than the development of the trunk, urban and feeder roads of the nation, and getting more projects diverted, and also many communities, constituencies and towns getting less developed, and poorly developed.
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