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Opinion: ‘Nana Addo’s Lamentation’



The Chief Executive Officer of the republic of Ghana, Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo Addo, on Monday addressed the 2019 section of the Ghana Bar Association’s annual conference held at Takoradi, the Western Region.

In his address, which substantially dwelled on his stewardship, specifically narrowing down on corruption, the President reiterated his earlier call that it is not his job to clear or convict any accused persons either of his government or whatsoever.

He however said that it is the duty of investigative bodies who has constitutional prerogative to do so.
Subsequent to that presentation, Ghanaians all over the world has been sharing their views on the matter.

To begin with, was Nana Addo elected into office to fine-tune, rationalize, or embellish previous wrongdoings and give them another nomenclatures, and to score an antagonistic points of who did better or worst than the other? The answer is a big NO.

In contemporary history of democratic practices, successive regimes succeeds each other as a result of dissatisfaction in certain aspect of their rulership or administration. When new regime assumes office, the utmost prioritized expectations on the heart of the citizenry is that no maladministrative act, corruption, stealing of state resources, nepotistic tendencies, and Machiavellian orchestrations of previous administration are inadvertently repeated.

The serious questions lingering on in people’s mind is the President’s unabashed attitude towards Ghanaians anytime this question is raised.

His consistent intransigence in matters of corruption, in cognisance of corruptible musical chairs being administered by his appointees glaringly, is repugnant enough.

The more Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), opinion leaders, the academics, religious leaders and traditional rulers are expressing their displeasure with these incessant menace, the more the President and his appointees preposterously asseverate the inconsistencies that are pertaining.
Adversely, I am still in disbelief, as to the realities of things happening in the corridors of no less a person than Nana Addo who in private life was christened “the apostle of rule of law and the incorruptible”? It sounded an impossibility yesterday. What has changed?

In the game of drought, the curious audience, is always the best coach. He sees what the player don’t see. He knows every intricacies of the game than the field man. What happened?

Perusing strenuously, the famous statement “it will not work” arising out of media and societàl bashing of his regime against the “perceived” organized malfeasance today, I shudder to say, Mr President, your effort at curbing the corruption menace in this country is so nebulous and corrosive to the extent that people within and without this country aren’t convinced enough, albeit the statement “it will not work”.

It was a heart desire on the part of all Ghanaians that all previous wrongdoings and anomalies be rectified and shredded completely, and therefore things normalized hence the citizenry queuing every four years to change or maintain leaders.

One typical example amongst a lot is the Australia visa scandal which the President cleared.

It is extremely disdainful, to see and hear such things happening in Ghana in the 21th century technological world where basic school kids lie on their belly to study.

The unfathomable question is that, who orchestrated the Australian visa fraud?
Is the President saying or telling Ghanaians and the whole world that a report that was delivered to him about fact findings of investigation into the Australian visa scandal supposedly exonerated the then Deputy Sports Minister Pius Hadzide, therefore the main protagonist of that shameful act couldn’t be identified, and accepted it as such?
Does that mean an unseen spirit (ghost) effected the deal?

Where in the world would such a disingenuous act be accommodated?
If Mr Boakye Agyako the former Energy Minister did nothing wrong, why was he sacked? If the extension of the Ameeri deal from 5 years (which has almost elapsed for the country to own the plant) to 15 years which then committed the country to additional 800 million dollars is considered as haven done no wrong, why was he sacked, then the famous cliche “I was misled” coming from the President?

The President’s lack of political will and THICK SKIN to walk the talk he delivered during his inauguration 3 years ago has resulted in serious doubt about his capability to negate the now weekly marathon of malpractices.

In fact, this is not a game of WIN or LOSE on any part. It is a NATIONAL issue that deserved national approach at the expense of our rural and deprived societies. Nothing more or less.

It is a painful exercise seeing party functionaries rationalizing evil acts in the media because that’s where their stomach dwells, irrespective of the consequences.

Is Ghana doomed by Osagyefo Dr Kwame Nkrumah and our forefathers or what?

I rest my pen.


Koo Nimo

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