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Opinion: The ‘Akyem Mafia’ Will Cause NPP To Lose Again

The Akyem Mafia that caused NPP to lose in 2008 and 2012 and were silenced in 2016 to enable the party to drive the campaign to victory are back again to do more harm which will cause the party if steps are not taken to reverse the decline and apathy in the party.

There is major unrest within the NPP which if not curtailed will lead to a major showdown in the party due to the grabbing of all government contracts by some close relatives and family members of President Akuffo Addo .

President Akuffo Addo has forgotten the party that brought him to power. He looks down on the youth of the party, disregards the work of the volunteer groups and deliberately sidelines the party in decision making .It is an open secret he now trusts his own tribesmen than the millions of volunteers and party executives who gave their time and energy to campaign for him.

He does not consult the party’s council of elders and together with his ministers and government appointees continue to take the NPP for granted.

Since NPP came into office, It has become extremely difficult for any member of the party to get any opportunities in the agriculture, transport and oil and gas sectors because one Edward Akuffo Addo, a brother of the President has hijacked all the contracts to package it for his wife and children so that after his death, his children and grandchildren will eat for generations.

Edward Akuffo Addo is a great friend of the NDC .He is their protector, their provider and their savior. He protects them from the Special Prosecutor and negotiates for them. Is this the same Edward Akuffo Addo who never mounted a campaign platform in the 8 years that NPP was in opposition and told his friends that he did not want to get in the way of his brothers politics?

Kwasi Amoako Atta, The Minister for Roads and Highways whose arrogance and hatred for party grassroots is well known prefers to give contracts to NDC members and Chinese businessmen rather than Ghanaians .He insults the media and boasts that as long as his brother is President he will serve eight years as Roads Minister and make billions of dollars and even if the party loses, he will be okay!

Is President Akuffo Addo thinking he can win re-election with his Akyem Mafia alone? how many of them are known outside Kyebi or Accra and how many of them have gone into the bush to be bitten by snakes or gone into opposition strongholds to campaign? They say they don’t do politics yet they are all over the place grabbing all the government contracts from members of the party who are expected to go and campaign again.

If President Akuffo Addo is serious about going for a second term he should stop taking the party for granted, respect the party’s Constituency, Regional and National Executives and stop his family members from taking everything away from the party.

Patrick Osei Akoto
Concerned Patriots of NPP

Patrick Osei

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