Paramount chief reveals Anas’ identity

According to the traditional ruler, “This is a face to attract a lot of ladies here, but he has hidden it. …He is a handsome man, I can observe. Looking at his stature I’m trying to figure his face”.
In a report by, Tong Raan Kuggbilsong Nanlebegtang chaired the second edition of the National Media Festival organized by the Press Foundation (TPF).
He took the opportunity to encourage journalists who were present to help the community “…identify, specify and occupy the Upper East region, the Upper West region and the Northern region”.
He again stated that it would do the Northern region a lot of good if journalists work on stories that cast the region in a positive light.

Applauding the efforts of the award winning journalist, the Paramount chief asserted that Anas has contributed his quota in the fight against crime and injustice.
People who were present at the event used the opportunity to take several photographs with the award-winning journalist.

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