Parent writes to encourage teachers to cane his children and ignore GES’ directive


A parent has written to the school of his kids informing its teachers that they are free to use canes on them. The letter, written by one Emmanuel Kufoalor, specifically addresses the Ghana Education Service’s (GES) ban on caning in junior and secondary schools.

Mr. Kufoalor said he does not want to be part of the law by the GES that bars teachers from using canes on pupils/students who go wayward.

He explained that teachers who teach his wards are at liberty to use any corrective measure, including canes if necessary, to discipline them. This comes after the GES took a strong stance against canning in schools, describing the act as a “corporal punishment”. A statement by the Deputy Director General of GES, Anthony Boateng, instructed all teachers to henceforth adopt a new disciplinary toolkit.

Teachers in primary and secondary schools, the statement said, must find alternate sanctions as measures for correcting their students. “Corporal punishment inflicts on children, this approach also causes significant emotional damage. “Some of the lasting effects of this method of disciplining school children include physical scars, emotional scars (trauma, fear, timidity etc.) and violent behaviour,” the statement added.

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