Partisan Politics Not Allowed In SHS; Sack Headmasters – Nana Kwadwo Akwaa


The laws of the Ghana Education Service (GES) clearly frown on the indulgence of Senior High School (SHS) students in partisan politics especially through the direct or indirect influence of a teacher on a school campus. This is vividly spelt out in items 14 and 34 under the Part 3 (Rules of Conduct for Teachers) of the Teachers Code of Conduct-Ghana.

Under the Item 14 (Ideological Influence), it reads “Teachers shall not use their positions to spread their political, religious or other ideologies among pupils and students”.

Also under the (ii) of Item 34 (Participation in Partisan Politics), it reads “No teacher shall in the performance of his/her duties engage in any activities that are likely to involve him/her in political controversy or lead to his/her taking improper advantage of his/her position in the Ghana Education Service (GES)”.

According to this same Teachers Code of Conduct- Ghana, items 14 and 34 under the part 3 (Rules Of Conduct For Teachers) are considered under the minor and major categories of misconduct which have the likelihood to attract sanctions such as; removal of one from GES, dismissal, withdrawal of ones certificate or license to teach, Suspension, Stoppage of increment, reduction of rank or salary and others.

Since the allowance of Mr. Joshua Amidu Akamba, the deputy National Organizer of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) by the school authorities to politically influence the SHS students of the respective schools on their respective campuses is a clear breach of the items 14 and 34 listed above, it will therefore be very proper for these headmasters, teachers and the other school authorities involved to be immediately sanctioned appropriately by the GES to help maintain sanity in the GES and on the various SHS campuses across the country.

By: Kingsley Akwaa

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