Passport Scare Demystified – Director of Passport


The Director of Passport, Mr. Emmanuel Enos said that the scare around acquisition of passport in Ghana has been highly demystified during his 10 months tenure as Director.
He made the revelation at a public lecture organized by the Centre for Migration Studies, University of Ghana as part of events marking their 10 years anniversary.
The public lecture was centered on discussions surrounding acquisition of passport, new reforms in the passport system as well as citizenship, dual citizenship and acquiring a work permit in Ghana. The lecture saw the Director of Passport and the Managing partner of Globetrotters Legal Africa; Mr. Paa Kwesi Hagan, speak on the two topics respectively.
Mr. Emmanuel Enos in his lecture made revelations on the several good reforms the institution is undertaking and that the era of middlemen and women popularly called ‘goro-boys and girls’ acquiring passports on behalf of others plus the numerous difficult processes that made acquiring passport a tough task, is over.
“After getting appointed by the President in January 2017, I have done a tremendous job by clearing the passport office off so called ‘goro-boys’ likewise made acquiring passport not tedious as it used to be,” Mr. Enos remarked.
He then assured all citizens that they should avoid engaging middlemen and women when applying for passport but instead apply manually or via online since the duration in acquiring a passport is no more several months as used to be the practice in the past but now takes only a few weeks to acquire.
Furthermore, Mr. Enos raised concerns about the various corruptions allegations levelled against the passport office over the years saying that his outfit has worked greatly enough to curb the situation.
Mr. Hagan who also lectured on dual citizenship and acquisition of work permit in Ghana revealed that it is now legal for Ghanaians to have dual citizenship. He however cautioned that some dignitaries and office holders such as Chief Justice, Chief Directors, etc. are not allowed to acquire dual citizenship.
The public lecture saw participants ask several questions on acquisition of Ghanaian passport, dual citizenship, etc. and consequently received satisfactory answers from the two speakers.
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