Popular Ghanaian Pastor shaves pubic hair of female members in church for deliverance (Video)

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Faith defies logic as human beings who subscribed to different faith do what they believe would solve their problems spiritually.
People in the circular world sees some actions of people with religious faith as foolish.

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Even religious people see what other others do for their pastors as nonsense and call for the government to sanction some pastors and churches.

The latest church video going viral on the internet has irked both religious and non religious people.

The video sees a pastor ordering female church members to remove their pant during a church service.

The pastor proceeded to shave the pubic hair of all the ladies as a way of delivering them from spiritual bondage.

After the video went viral, graphics has surfaced on the internet proving that it’s a movie scene someone recorded with his phone and shared for publicity.

Watch the video below:

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