Person behind her death, 9 more striking facts gathered so far 1 year after Ebony’s death


Today, Friday, February 8 2019, marks exactly one year that dancehall diva Ebony Reigns died painfully in an accident. Her death shocked many Ghanaians considering the fact that she was very young, talented, and lively. The shock was also because nobody expected Ebony to die, especially just a week to her 22nd birthday.


However, due to unforeseen occurrences, Ebony Reigns, known in private life as Priscilla Opoku-Kwarteng, died. She was on her way back to Accra together with her personal assistant, Franky Nkansah Kuri, and her bodyguard, Lance Corporal Francis Atsu Vondee, when the gory accident happened. Their vehicle, according to many reports, collided head-on with a Brong Ahafo-bound VIP bus.


They were returning from Sunyani in the Brong Ahafo Region where Ebony had visited her mother and other family members. Her father, Nana Poku Kwarteng, has made some revelations about his late daughter in many interviews he granted after her death. Nana Kwarteng is currently not on good terms with his daughter’s former manager, Bullet, after he leveled so many allegations against him. brings you 10 stunning facts and allegations we have gathered so far since the sad death of Ebony Reigns.

1. Last conversation with management: According to earlier reports by, Ebony, in her last call to her management, informed them of traveling to the Northern Region. It was in the night time when she decided to go on this journey with her personal assistant and bodyguard. Asked what she was going to do there, Ebony was said to have responded that it was personal and that she would get back to Accra the following day. All that while, Bullet was in Germany where he had gone to make final arrangements for Ebony to join him for a show in two days.


2. Cause of death: Ebony’s father alleged that her death was caused by her management led by Bullet. According to Mr Kwarteng, the management was reckless with Ebony’s life. He explained that by allowing her to travel alone with her personal assistant and bodyguard at night, the management was irresponsible, therefore, blaming them squarely for his daughter’s death. However, in an interview monitored by on GHOne TV, a member of the management team, Kofi Anti, revealed that they dissuaded Ebony from going on her night journey to the North but she refused. According to him, they even contacted popular sound engineer Kaywa to talk to Ebony but she still would not change her mind. Anti explained that as her popularity soared, Ebony becaame “so powerful” that nobody could control her anymore.


3. Bullet abused her: According to the bereaved father, Bullet abused Ebony when she was alive. He once challenged Bullet in an interview to say if he never slept with his late daughter. Kwarteng alleged further that Ebony usually came home with many complaints about how Bullet molested and shouted at her amid threats to mar her music career.


4. Bullet cheated Ebony: Ebony’s father also accused Bullet of cheating his late daughter in terms of her financial gains. According to him, Bullet even pocketed the lion share of money made from Ebony’s memorial concert which was held at the Trade Fair Center. Apart from that, Kwarteng also claimed that Bullet did not give Ebony her due even when she was alive, for this reason, he is currently not on talking terms with Bullet. Bullet, on the other hand, felt unappreciated, and out of anger, labeled Ebony’s father as a greedy man. According to him, per the agreement and contract he had with the late diva, he has not cheated her. Rather, he was the one who helped her shoot to stardom with great speed.


5. Bullet asked to see Ebony’s corpse: Still on the accusations, Ebony’s father disclosed in one of his many interviews that Bullet requested to go see Ebony’s corpse at the morgue at 2am. According to him, Bullet could not contact him for reasons best known to him, but rather, called Ebony’s mother who was then in Brong Ahafo, to take him to the morgue. The mother, Kwarteng claimed, refused to grant Bullet’s request. Ebony’s father added that he wondered what Bullet wanted to do with his late daughter’s body.


6. Breast operation: There were also reports that Ebony had a breast operation soon before she died. This was disclosed by a cousin in a news programme monitored by on Ghanaweb days after her death. The cousin, Rexford Peter Konadu, disclosed that Ebony complained of not feeling too well, hence the operation.


7. Tattoo: The late diva had a total of 17 tattoos and nine piercings all over her body. The largest of the 17 tattoos was found beneath Ebony’s breasts and that was the symbol of Lord of the Wings. She had more tattoos on her neck, back, waist, arms, and wrist. In an interview with Abeiku Santana on UTV, Ebony revealed that she even had some tattoos before meeting her management. She revealed that the tattoos were also made up of names of her sister, herself Ohemaa, and others.

8. 2 funerals: The late diva also had two funerals held in her memory. One in Ghana and the other in London where her mother lived. The mother explained that her neighbours in London wanted to have another funeral even though a big one had already been held in Accra. In an earlier report by, Ebony’s mother said that was the best way to honour of her late daughter.


9. Bodyguard not known: The management of the late Ebony Reigns denied any knowledge of the soldier who died with her. They said they had never met him before and so as far as the management was concerned, Lance Corporal Atsu Francis Vondee was not Ebony’s bodyguard. However, her father insisted that he was actually a bodyguard to his daughter. 10. Kasapreko deal: Soon before she died, Ebony had signed a mouthwatering deal with a giant beverage manufacturing company, Kasapreko.

In fact, Ebony was so excited about that deal that she made a wild announcement on her Instagram page in January 2018. That deal would have fetched her $200,000, but sadly, Ebony could not live long to enjoy it.


Meanwhile, Ebony Reigns was buried on March 24, 2018, in Accra, while Atsu was buried in the Volta Region on the same day. Franky was buried on March 3 that same year in Accra. The late diva’s father has disclosed that her one year anniversary would be held on March 31, 2019.

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