Photo of potholes on US road shock Ghanaians Pothole ridden street in US causes debate online (Photo)


Roads are one of the most important infrastructures in every country, and depending on the quality, it helps ease the pressure on citizens. 

In most African countries, though, it has become very common to find deplorable roads almost everywhere. If it is not an untarred road, then it may be a stretch that has been made not suitable for vehicles due to its huge potholes.

You thought the grass is always greener at the other side of the fence? Not always the case. Here’s a picture of Compton, a suburb of California, US. #iLoveGhana 🇬🇭

Posted by Ghana the Black Star of Africa on Thursday, March 14, 2019

In Ghana, there have been numerous demonstrations in recent years over the bad state of roads in the country. But while this is familiar with many African countries, the perception is usually different when it comes to rating roads on other continents. For instance, most people are awed by the road networks in Europe, Asia and America, with countries in these continents having the best roads you’ll ever find. However, that is not always the case. Just like in Africa, there are some roads in the United States (US) which look even worse. A post on Facebook by a Ghanaian page showed the picture of Compton, a suburb of California, US, having a very deplorable road.

From the photo shown, the road had numerous potholes, with the rains making the situation even worse for motorists.

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