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A Plus vents anger on media over photos of 'bleached’ wife

News of Akosua Vee’s alleged bleaching began trending on social media platforms after A Plus reportedly made a post teasing Becca of bleaching.
His post did not go down well with a social media user who believed he (A Plus) should have removed the speck from his eye first.
A Plus’ post with Becca’s image was captioned “who is this Fake European Lady with original African Armpit”.
The Instagram user with the name “when it is coming it is doing” who replied with a before and after photo of the controversial musician’s wife said, “And this is a post made by the guy whose wife bleach saaa she even borrows bleaching creams from cosmetic stores.smh b3ma di wo lane mu wai and advice your wife first. Ky3s3 wo yere akwadre bleaching mu 3nti wo kaas3 y3nhu.smh”.
However, the controversial musician, in a Facebook post, has denied that he is the user of the account that started the bleaching brouhaha on Social Media earlier today.
The agitated husband of the stylist went on to jab the media for not verifying the account before publishing the stories
His Facebook post read:
“When I say there are just too many stupid people in the media you think I’m lying. 90% of the so-called media guys are a bunch of desperate idiots trying to make ends meet. Just because someone created a page and used my name and picture means it’s me? And you use it for your major news. A Plus insults Becca.
No wonder they asked the president some very stupid questions….. as a media person can’t you tell which page is mine by my live videos? Nfuiiii ( Plural of ofui)”