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Police-To-Citizen Ratio Now 1:808 – NPP

Recruitment into the Ghana Police Service has increased its overall strength from 32,679 at the end of 2016 to 37,571, raising our Police-To-Citizen ratio to 1:808, according to the New Patriotic Party manifesto.

The Party says, the Police had only 492 serviceable vehicles in 2017 but Government has provided over GHc1 billion worth of equipment and logistics to the Police, including 4,500 fragmentation jackets, modern communication equipment, 740 vehicles, and three helicopters among others.

It said the Immigration Service has had one (1) armory constructed and fourteen (14) facilities fortified to serve as armories and Seventeen (17) Stations have been completed. Provision of additional 5 Fire Stations ongoing.

It said In addition,

1) Has procured the following for them: 320 pieces of AK47 assault rifles, 120 pieces of Beret pistols, 10,000 pieces of AK47 ammunition, 10,000 pieces of Beret pistol ammunition, 190 vehicles, 153 motorbikes and 50 All-Terrain Vehicles (ATVs)

2) We have procured and commissioned 138 operational vehicles for the Ghana Armed Forces (GAF)

3) We have procured and commissioned 50 buses for the Ghana Armed Forces

4). Eleven (11) Command Vehicles have been procured for the Fire Service.

In addition, five (5) extrication equipment was procured, the Fire Master Control was refurbished with modern communication equipment, and a Smoke Chamber was constructed to aid in training fire officers.

Two (2) Hydraulic Platforms will be delivered in August 2020.

It said Police recruitment processes have been enhanced with online application systems entrenched as a check against irregularities associated with recruitment and Police Service has procured two Marine Boats to enhance security along the country’s territorial waters.



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