Popular presenter in Accra to die soon – Eagle Prophet claims

Eagle Prophet
Eagle Prophet

One of Ghana’s self-proclaiming prophets, Eagle Prophet, said God has revealed to him that a popular presenter is going to die soon.

In a video sighted by YEN.com.gh, Eagle prophet said he saw the journalist, a very renowned one, being carried away in a casket to be buried.

According to him, he does not want to mention the presenter’s name because he does not want to be tagged as creating fear and panic.

In dropping details about this person, Eagle Prophet said the presenter to die knows “himself”, adding that the person frequently feels nervous for no reason.

He also said the presenter has been a journalist in Ghana for a long time, and practices in Accra.

The prophet said all Ghanaians should rise up in prayer for the presenter to avert the death hanging over him.

He also called on the journalist “himself” to pray and also contact him to be helped in prayers.


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