Pot sticks on thief’s stomach after he went to the shrine to swear (Video)


A viral video making rounds on social media has left us scraping our heads thinking if we should go back to our traditional way of netting out offenders.

In the wonderous but interesting video, a juju man was able to catch a thief without any paperwork or prolonged investigations.

According to the source, someone stole N340, 000 after a transaction was completed.

This pointed to the decision that they must go to the shrine and swear their innocence and at the shrine, if the pot sticks on you, then you are the thief.

Luckily for the thief, the pot refused to leave his stomach when it got to his turn. All efforts to remove it proved futile and thus he was declared as the thief.

Do you think we should adopt the olden day’s method of fishing out criminals or offenders in society? I think that was a perfect and quick way to catch offenders.

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