Poultry Farmers want MOFA Director Sacked


The Ghana National Association of Poultry Farmers has called for the dismissal of the Eastern Regional Director of Agric, Mr. Henry Crentsil, for what they described as incompetence on the part of the director to handle farmers’ problems.
Mr. Crentsil is reported to have rubbished an allegation by the poultry farmers nationwide against Park Agrotech Ghana Limited, an Indian hatchery operating in the poultry industry.
An unrelenting poultry farmer and spokesperson to the affected farmers in the Ashanti Region, Mr. Isaac Esiaw stated that the Regional Director must be sacked for his improper stance on the allegations of the poultry farmers or resign, failure to do this which they threatened would incur their wrath.
Mr. Essiaw who expressed disappointment in the Director for his failure to act professionally said Mr. Crentsil failed to invite the poultry farmers to hear their side of the story, rather choosing to defend the company in the October 4th edition of the Daily Graphic.
The poultry farmers wondered why the Director would rush to make a pronouncement on an issue under investigation and which was still pending before the Minister of Agriculture. This indiscretion, they claimed, is tantamount to poor judgement and which they insist the director did not have the right to do.
The peeved poultry farmers described themselves as modern and educated farmers who would not allow any public servant to rubbish their claims on the stands of technicalities.
‘W are a group of elite farmers and they know what we are saying and talking about. When you attack one farmer, you will really feel our wrath since our outfit is creating more jobs and also contributing to the economic growth of the country,’ they added.
Meanwhile the ministry of Food and Agriculture has tasked a three member committee of which the Eastern regional director of MOFA is not part, to investigate the allegation made by the farmers against the Indian hatchery.
The Ashanti Region Poultry Farmers Association had called on the Ministry of Agriculture, specially the Directorates of Veterinary and Animal Production, to check the activities of the Indian hatchery based at Apedwa in the Eastern Region.
Mr. Isaac Essiaw urged the directorates to intervene and stop the activities of the company to prevent the poultry industry from collapsing.
He said the activities of the company, Park Agrotech Ghana Limited, were undermining the country’s quest to reduce poultry import and also causing financial loss to most poultry farmers as well as accusing the company of supplying unhealthy day old layer chicks to farmers in the country.
He complained, many farmers had lost their investments through the purchase of day old chicks from the company, which has proven to be unhealthy. Poultry Farmers are losing their capital, including loans they have taken from the banks. Maize purchased on credit and feed inputs from sellers have all gone down the drain.
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