President Nana Bediatuo and Nigerian wife Femi rule Ghana – Kwesi Asamoah


    It is very sad that the foot soldiers of the NPP party struggled so hard to bring the party to power only for President Akuffo Addo to bring some of his notorious family members who lack credibility and whose loyalty and membership of the NPP is a matter of question to occupy positions.

    Akuffo Addo appointed Nana Bediatuoh as his executive secretary and the massive disappointment in the party and even within his own family was an understatement. A known city playboy, drug user, and womanizer to handle the critical and sensitive affairs of state and handle confidential matters in his office were such a shock and is still a shock.




    Nana Bediatuoh is the one who now calls the shots in the NPP government and is the main power broker and gatekeeper. He influences all the Presidents decisions and he has boasted to close friends that the President cannot make any decision without his final say or advice. One can safely say that Nana Bediatuoh is the real President of Ghana.

    Nana Bediatuoh has still not responded to serious allegations raised by me that he never attended the University of Ghana and that he forged a certificate from the University stating he had a first degree Bachelor of Laws(LLB)with Honours.




    My independent checks again and I have checked 3 times on this with the University of Ghana, confirm my allegations are true and the fact that the President seeks to protect and sustain this act of criminality makes a mockery of his fight against corruption.

    Perhaps one has to change his tribe to Akyem in Ghana to enjoy the Presidents protection from investigation and sanction. It appears the President is willing to shield his appointees who are close family relations or from his tribe because blood is thicker than water.






    Nana Bediatuoh as a result of the endorsement of this forgery and criminality by the President enjoys supreme power in Ghana with his Nigerian Wife Femi who recently opened a 1 million dollar restaurant in Accra after being penniless and jobless for years when the party was in opposition and her husband was struggling with his law firm which hardly did any cases and enjoyed being on the payroll of Ibrahim Mahama.

    Madam Femi is the most powerful Nigerian in Ghana and is seen as more powerful than the first lady  Mrs Akuffo Addo. She has summoned ministers of the state including cabinet ministers to demand contracts for herself, associates and her family members in Nigeria. Nana Bediatuoh recently threatened a minister of state that he would make sure he was sacked by the President if a 17 million Ghana cedis drain construction contract was not given to his wife.






    It is clear that Akuffo Addo just came to power to enrich and empower his family members like Nana Bediatuoh who would never get a post in any NPP government if he Akuffo Addo was not the President of Ghana.


    Kwesi Asamoah



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