Prof. Stephen Adei’s Brain Is His Stomach-Respect My Vote Movement

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Spokespersons of the Respect my vote movement namely Akalilu Samed, Stephen Kwabena Attuh, Ama Owusuah Boateng and Gabriel Osei Owusu has in a signed statement made some jaw-dropping statement about Prof. Stephen Adei.

The Pro-Democracy Group in the statement revealed that the words of the prof. stephen stating the EC Boss Jean Mensa as the best EC Chair Ghana has ever produced was been said out of the benefits he receives from the NPP.

They further stated that  Prof Adei has consistently demonstrated that he has no credibility especially when it comes to matters related to politics in this country because of what he gets into his stomach through “juicy appointments”.

According to them, the professor has placed aside his education and Academic credentials just because of some little juicy appointment that he can get and has even gotten from the Nana Addo led government.


All well-meaning Ghanaians, domestic and international observers have seen how the Electoral Commission actively stole the election for Akufo-Addo by subverting the sovereign will of the people of Ghana.

Jean Mensa has succeeded in eroding all the gains made by her predecessors Dr. Kwadwo Afari-Gyan and Mrs. Charllote Osei.

For the first time in Ghana’s Electoral history, the Electoral Commission declared results and subsequently changed it several times. This alone is a recipe for conflict as it has happened in other countries.

Again, the EC’s lack of transparency in the 2020 elections through the poor engagement of stakeholders and results collation is most regrettable.

Many of the post election disputes can be addressed by the EC as it happened in the past; with all these challenges lingering, Jean Mensa decided to close down the ECs offices.

Through her incompetent leadership, Jean Mensa has disenfranchised the People of Santrofi, Akpafu, Lolobi and Likpe when the Commission’s mandate is to work to enfranchise eligible Ghanaians.

No wonder this current EC leadership cannot go about their normal duties without military escort  like their predecessors did freely.

With all these obvious acts of gross incompetence, Jean Mensa will go down in history as the worse chairperson Ghana has ever had. She is a disgrace to the office she holds.

We are calling on Ghanaians to disregard selfish senior citizens like Prof Adei who instead of speaking against acts of subversion by Jean Mensa has rather decided to praise her. May posterity judge Prof Stephen Adei for his dishonesty and disservice to the people of Ghana.

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