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Pupils of Goriko primary sit on bare floors for academic work; cry for help

Pupils of Goriko primary and Kindergarten schools in Winkogo community in the Talensi District of the Upper East Region are appealing to government and other relevant bodies in education to come to their aid as they are now tired of sitting on the bare floor to study.

In a video report by Bolga-based A1 Radio, the pupils are seen sitting on the bare floor for their studies.

The worrying phenomenon the students say has affected their academic work because it makes it difficult for them to concentrate while their teachers are teaching.

One student who spoke to A1 Radio in the report indicates that “we have to wash our uniforms every day when we go home”.

What’s even worrying is the fact that their parents subject the pupils to several strokes of the whip over claims that they have dirtied themselves.

“Everyday we are subjected to beatings by our parents who say we are dirty. They say we come to school to learn and not to play but what they miss is that we sit on the floor during classes,” one pupil is heard saying.

In the video report, students are seen with no glimmer of hope, look sad and dejected as their right to education although not curtailed hangs in a balance because the quality expected is not what they are being offered.


Watch the video below:




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