Quotation Master Reveals Secrets of Illuminati

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Cape Coast, 5th November 2020, African Traditional Spiritualist and practitioner, Kwaku Peprah who is also known as Lucifer or Quotation Master has explain that Illuminati isn’t evil as being portrayed and the Illuminati are people who have associated themselves with ‘God’s’ who are also stars in the the spiritual realm to help them to also achieve stardom on earth.

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“The Illuminati members serve these ‘God’s’ and they also intend demand sacrifices from them”. “Every God demands sacrifices”. “Everything in life demands sacrifices and if you don’t sacrifice anything, you don’t move on the way it ought to” he added.

According to him some of the sacrifices might include human sacrifices. He said “I’ve already explained that, some human beings spiritually are like fowls, goats, dogs etc.”If you’re like that and you allow someone to sacrifice you to his ‘God’, so be it and nothing happens” he stated.

Kwaku Peprah further added that, the Illuminati are very smart people and they normally don’t do any hard work but make a lot of money. He quizzed that, how many American singers make songs that teaches moral lessons? But he continued that, once the song is done and released, people buy. “These people serve the ‘God’s’ who are also stars in the spiritual realm and that helps them to make the money and fame”.

He explained that ‘God’s’ who are ‘stars’ are those who have also made name in the spiritual world as we have humans who have also become very popular on earth that we call stars.

According to him, those ‘God’s’ are also stars in their realm so when humans contact them and join their group, then they instruct them as to the kinds of sacrifices they must perform to also become stars. “They would also teach you what to say and do and once you begin to that, you become very famous” he claimed.

He was however quick to add that, once you serve the ‘God’s they help you to make money and become popular. “There is a degree to which one can sell his soul to a spirit, if you sell partially, you shall become rich and famous within two or three years and you shall decline drastically”. “But, those who sell all their souls to those spirits shall become popular and reign till death”.

Lucifer further added that, “Nobody in this world can prosper in life without the help of the spirits” and he answered in the affirmative that “Illuminati is good” when asked about it.

According to Quotation Master life is about choices and those who have decided to align themselves with the Illuminati have done nothing wrong.

He spoke to Reverend Nyansa Boakwa of Happay FM on the show “Nsem Pii” monitored on YouTube.

According to him, the symbol of the Illuminati depicts a pyramid with one eye at the apex”. “The secret of the Illuminati is to get to a situation where a few people would control the world”. That is the meaning of their symbol and that is what they intend to achieve” he opined.

He ended by saying that all religions of the world have secrets and people have lost their lives because they tried exposing the secrets of some religions and such things abound in the world. “Even me, all these I’ve been revealing in Ghana, some people want to kill me” he revealed.

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