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Rawlings family finally gives detail about his alleged 52 year old daughter.

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The family of the late president Jerry John Rawlings finally clears the air about the news circulating that the 52-year-old Abigail Rawlings is the daughter of the late president.

According to reports, the family has confirmed that Abigail was welcomed into the family in 2002, though Rawlings neither confirmed nor denied when alive.

They also added that, in performing duties as a father, Rawlings used to send her money occasionally for upkeep.

Many Ghanaians are asking if truly Abigail is the daughter of Rawlings upon proves and confirmation, why is she being denied the right to seeing her father’s corpse?

However, A staunch member of the opposition National Democratic Congress Mr. Japhet Festus Gbede who is also from the Volta Region of Ghana has called on The Agbotui Family, Clergy, Religious Leaders and Mr. Mensah Tamekloe to do a DNA test for the alleged 52 years old Abigail Mawutor Rawlings who is ready for any paternity test before the burial of the former commander of Ghana Armed Forces.


In an exclusive interview with SVTV Africa, the 52 years old Abigail Rawlings who shares some striking resemblance with the founder of the Democracy Ghana is enjoying today and the founder of the National Democratic Congress disclosed that, she is the first Daughter of the former President.

Speaking further, she disclosed that after revealing who she was to a renowned Media practitioner, Grace Omaboe Aka Maame Donoko, She Later gave her money to leave the country in 2003 for fear of being killed or assassinated.

“My mum met My father, president Rawlings during his military training days and I have been going to the external Family in the Village and I can confidently conclude that most of them knows this story better, Abigail Rawlings Disclosed.”

Although the Military and police Officers are charged by the Government not to Allow her access to the corpse of her alleged beloved father, Japhet is of the View that, Mr. Mensah Tamekloe should champion the test to be done before the burial of the legend for truth to prevail.

The furious Japhet call out President Nana Addo to call Soldier Under his leadership to Order and he stated that, what the Soldiers are doing to the Woman are reasons Rawlings passed the PNDC Law 111.

Rawlings May not be happy with you for how you are treating the Woman in the presence of his lifeless body because he stood sternly and fervently against social injustice, Japhet Festus Gbede warned Government, Agbotui Family and Mr. Laslie Mensah Tamekloe in his latest Facebook post.


I am so disappointed in Dr. Donald Agumenu,Mr. Laslie Mensah Tamekloe, Col Agbotui, Ambassador Gbeho, Leaders of the Agbotui family with regards to how the thugs in military under Nana Addo are treating the 52 years old Woman claiming to be the first Daughter of our late former president.

What’s the work of Peace Council,the Clergy, the leaders of religious groups, the Council of state and other renowned groups that seek for Justice for voiceless and vulnerable under Nana Addo’s Government?

Rawlings stood sternly against what they are doing for this Woman today and his soul May not be happy with what this 24 years old boys wearing the Military shirts thinking that’s the end of the road.

For President Nana Addo, the least say about him the better! while the cat’s away, the mice will play indeed!!!😭😭

Chairman Rawlings is yet to be buried what’s keeping the family from doing a DNA test for the two before the burial?



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