Re: Condemnation Of Misleading And Distasteful Information Concerning The NDC Krachi West Constituency Being Marketed By Ndemele Magdalene AKA “Baby”

The whole of krachi west woke up on April, 9 to a Press Statement by the NDC Krachi West making the rounds on social media and news portals titled “CONDEMNATION OF MISLEADING AND DISTASTEFUL INFORMATION CONCERNING THE NDC KRACHI WEST CONSTITUENCY BEING MARKETED BY NDEMELE MAGDALENE AKA “BABY”
The Press statement was as a result of the bitter Truth Ndemele Magdalene aka “Baby” spoke about in an interview granted her on radio XYZ’s political show dubbed “Battle Grounds”
We have painstakingly listened to the audio of the said interview granted by Madam Ndemele Magdalene aka “Baby” , and nowhere in the interview did she make any false claims, which are being attributed to her,but was rather corroborating and speaking the obvious and bitter truth on the dwindling fortunes of the NDC Presidential and parliamentary results in Krachi West,from 2008-2016 .
Therefore the CONCERNED KRACHI WEST NDC MEMBERS thought it expedient to appropriately respond to this biased,malicious, whimsical, and diabolic accusation orchestrated by some of our mischievous Krachi West NDC Executives who are bent on destroying the good image of young and promising hardworking NDC members in their deliberate and desperate attempt to do the bidding for their paymaster at all cost.
For the avoidance of doubt, we want to state categorically that,the analysis on the Presidential and Parliamentary results from 2008-2016 as being put out by the NDC Krachi West constituency is factually inaccurate, logically deficient and arithmetically bankrupt.
And from international best standards and practices, every electoral analysis and assessment of candidates is done based on the previous and current election results, and that was the point “Baby” was making.
Because in 2008, then Krachi district(Krachi west/Krachi Nchumbru) the NDC had 18,818,in 2012, it dropped to 11,267 with Krachi west only,and 10,516 in 2016 with Krachi West only.
Granting that in 2008 the results was not for the only krachi west but spread to Nchumbru area, we shall only use the 2012 and 2016 in our comparison.
From our observation, there were dwindling of presidential votes from 11,267 (64.54%) in 2012 to 10,516(53.18) in 2016,thus (11,267-10,516)=751(11.36%),thus 751 votes were lost,so where are these votes?
Where as,the  NPP votes appreciated from  6,115(33.92%) in 2012 and 8,773(44.37%) in 2016.(6,115-8,773)=2,658(10.45%),thus,the NPPs votes have appreciated by 10.45%
Also,contrary to the half baked parliamentary results analysis made,in 2012 Hon Hellen Adjoa Ntoso had 10,645 votes and 9,644 votes in 2016,(10,645-9,644)=1,001 votes reduction.
Unfortunately, even when Hon Hellen is loosing votes but they choose to compare her votes with other candidates.
The most laughable analysis ever and doesn’t reasonate with the reasonable minds.
Therefore from the mind-boggling and thought-provoking analysis, any well-meaning member who has the NDC at heart will not turn a blind eye on these facts and truism.
Moreover, We have also read the derogatory remarks being made that Mr Emmanuel Jalulah pulled tribal konkonba votes, a statement we find demeaning to our konkonba NDC members.
More also, the NDC krachi west is in deep-seated cracks, where loyal and hardworking members who are willing to serve the NDC are vilified, traduced and chastised, just because of Hon. Hellen Adjoa Ntoso has taken the party for ransom and have the executives in her pocket.
Clearly, these tactics are being employed by the NDC Krachi West executives to pay obeisance and do the bidding for their paymaster.
We will rather appeal to all NDC Krachi West members to ignore, once again, this ploy by the NDC krachi west executives to fuel their relevance and demonstrate their sold conscience to their paymaster. The Concerned NDC Krachi West members want Young and promising youths with Masters degree to remedy the dwindling electoral fortunes they have been plunged into, and not, ugly jokes thrown in the public arena in the forlorn hope of diverting attention from the crass incompetence being exhibited by the Incumbent MP Hon. Hellen Adjoa Ntoso.
Thank you.
Sanja David

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