RE: UEW PRO- VC Elections

Ordinarily, issues for judicial determination are not any but solemn matters and so, any comment that seeks to prejudice the outcome of what is before a court of competent jurisdiction is something  that ought to be avoided in the interest of fairness and Justice.
 One disgraceful Alhassan Bawah who has failed to comment on Afful Broni’s Ghc5.7M scandal has decided to wage a fruitless war against an action before the high court seeking to injunct yet to be conducted elections for the position of PRO VC in UEW. According to Alhassan Bawah,the plaintiff is disgruntled in the sense that, the plaintiff is of the view that, he  should have been nominated as a candidate to contest the said portfolio because he qualifies.
Mentally retarded Alhassan Bawah should kindly note that, every citizen of Ghana who is dissatisfied in  respect of any administrative decision which one way or the other offends an Act of parliament or statute is allowed under the laws of Ghana to go to court for proper redress and no law bars the said person from being represented by a counsel in court of law.
Any senseless  attack on Hon.Alex Afenyo Markin who is only performing his professional duties by representing Dr Duku Kaakyire as a qualified lawyer  under the laws of Ghana would be responded in equal measure or disproportionately by some of us who are members of UEW Alumni.
If Alhassan Bawah has any sensible defence to mount in the coming days,he should locate where Mr Amidu’s office is because, his boss, the criminally minded priest in cassock would soon be invited to explain how an amount of Ghc  5.7m went into questionable item of expenditure Only in six weeks.
Again,  if Alhassan Bawah has any modicum of trust concerning his intelligence as a lecturer, he should kindly assist Afful Broni in answering the queries raised in the audit observation fired by the Auditors who recently came to audit that fraudulent expenditure.
Dawda Eric(Equity)
Citizen Vigilance for Justice
13th June,2019

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