Resident at Aflao visits border and drops video of what is happening amid military deployment [watch].

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Israel Emmanuel Ahedor, a resident of Aflao has dropped a footage that shows what actually is going at the Aflao border amid reports of military being deployed to the area.

The video emerging on the Twitter handle of Israel where the young man indicated that absolutely nothing ugly was happening.

As said by the young man, he is certain there is a lot of propaganda that is being associated with the reports of military presence on the Ghana-Togo border when it is business as usual in the area.

However,it appears Israel may not be right with his opinion, despite not certainly spotting military men in the area at the time of his visit.

This is because Ghana’s president, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, has not lifted the ban on the borders to travel since he announced a travel ban to help curb the spread of Coronavirus pandemic.

If military men are at any borders to ensure there are no foreigners coming into Ghana to register for the voters’ registration cards as Hon KT Hammond purported in a viral video, then they must be at unauthorized routes to enforce the order.

Watch the video below;


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